Lighting Clarity

I feel wonderfully refreshed, re-set and re-aligned after a session with Claudia. She brings through only the highest light and I feel safe and secure in her presence. She has brought through much healing to my heart which has allowed me to realise my own light and purpose to my soul journey on earth. I love working with Claudia!
- Jocelyn, United Kingdom

In the midst of adversity I have found Claudia has helped me to reconnect with who I am. Her readings are so helpful, I still refer to them on the audio recordings when life throws me a challenge. She was sooo right with many aspects. Be open-minded and you will be enlightened and enjoy the journey of life so much more.
- Gianna, Melbourne, Victoria

I have been working with Claudia for over 12 months now and in that time I've completed the Soul Alignment course plus many other mentoring sessions. I can highly recommend working with Claudia and her spirit team. Our sessions together have bought me closer to my higher self and my own spirit guides. She has shown me how to manifest things on my timeline and clear blockages that hold me back. At the end of every session my soul vibration is uplifted and life has more clarity. Thank you Claudia for following your life's purpose and gently guiding me to do the same. Much love.
- Heidi, Western Australia

I have known Claudia for a number of years. I have had several readings with her and have always found her gift and connection with spirit absolutely amazing. She reads accurately, clearly and concisely. Claudia is grounded kind and open hearted, she guides you through your reading with compassion and honesty and as a clairvoyant myself I would not hesitate in recommending her.
- Lauralee, Wisdom of Avalon, Western Australia

I have recently completed a meditation course with the lovely Claudia. I absolutely loved the meditation course. It's one of the best that I have ever participated in. I looked forward to the weekly sessions which ran for 4 weeks.

I found Claudia to be real, authentic and very humble. So helpful with a wealth of knowledge and so much wisdom to share. One thing that really stood out to me was that Claudia was not afraid to share her wisdom and knowledge with us all. I'm so looking forward to connecting with Claudia in the near future with other courses offered.

I highly recommend this amazing soul teacher, Claudia's guidance and the tools we have been given to use in our daily lives have been extremely valuable. Much Love & Blessings.
- Tina, Western Australia

I first noticed Claudia's Facebook posts over 3yrs ago and I watched, but I didn't connect very much. However, in the last 8 months something in me changed dramatically and I was drawn to work with Claudia quite intensely and closely.

Through Claudia I feel the connection with Angels, Ascended Masters and Spirit Guides and have received many messages and confirmations that I am on the right track even just through her weekly Facebook readings/healings. I recently took part in her meditation course and felt so uplifted afterwards and like I was divinely connected to my Soul.

This has allowed me to pinpoint and be crystal clear about what it is I want in the near future and into next year and to get creative about stepping up for myself and in spite of myself as I have somehow not previously believed that I am enough.

I recommend Claudia to anyone who is serious about 'getting real' on what it is they are here for in this life. We are all here to live out our own unique energy signature. Absolutely! This is what I love about Claudia's work.
- Kylie, Western Australia

What a beautiful gift, Claudia has, and I am eternally grateful she shares it through her Meditation Courses. She brings in Guidance, Healing and Tools from Source, Ascended Masters, Arch Angels and Guides in Such a caring manner.
PS: The Course is addictive in a way, I want to keep learning and growing so will continue to do my Modalities with Claudia. Thank you Claudia
- Jill, South Australia

I have found the readings I have received from Claudia to be very accurate. Claudia has also provided practical guidance and healing tools for me to use that have been extremely helpful.
- Danielle Renee, Victoria

I just wanted to say how amazing my first reading with you was. I have been to many psychics and clairvoyants over the years - some good, some not-so-good and yours was a cut-above the rest.

I've never had such a positive, feel-good reading before - it is like an inner-knowing - intuitive - special. To be able to ask direct questions, to watch you go within and ask directly and come back with an answer, is utterly amazing.

It's not a fluffy answer - it’s one that is profound and the more I think about it afterwards, the more enriching the answer is. And sometimes the answer comes with a direction or a pathway to consider, or describes how I am feeling within, without me telling you that. Very profound.

Over the years, I started with a reading, then a healing session and then just recently another reading. The latter reading was more to do with understanding what I thought may have been a pattern and/or spiritual lesson that I needed help with and gain clarity, and again, you have helped me so much. The healing session was literally AMAZING.

Guides came through, Archangels, soul group - it was an immensely gratifying experience and one that has helped me so much. It was a session that lingered with me for weeks. And I did what had asked me or guided me and my life has changed as a result. Others may think it is coincidental - but we all know that it has all been planned before we arrived - like attracts like - it is an absolute blessing to have you in my life. Many blessings Claudia, and to your team.
- Cathy, Western Australia

Claudia is one of the best clairvoyants I have ever met she knows exactly what you need to hear and delivers it with tact and love. Claudia's connection to her guides is one of the most natural I have ever encountered in all my years of teaching – she is So good that aside from being a wonderful student I trust her implicitly as my personal advisor something I admit I do not do easily.

When you have a session with Claudia remember that she is working from the highest level and her guidance will be that which you truly need for your most loving path to unfold. She is a gem and you are lucky to have found her.
- Sheelagh Maria, UK

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