Lighting Clarity

Blessings - my name is Claudia I am a spiritual teacher, clairvoyant and energy channel.

My earliest memory is communicating with my spirit guides as a three year old, and feeling safe in their presence. Growing up I was not aware I was clairvoyant, and I did not have a name for the deeper insight I had. I just knew I could read people's energy, the energy around life issues and I was blessed to see psychic visions of coming changes.

As an empath I know what it is like to find the energies on earth challenging and to feel vulnerable in life. There are many of us who are closely aligned with the light more than we are aware of, and it is the acceptance of this awareness which allows our connection to spirit to grow and allows their assistance in. My readings are laced with healing energy, spirit works through me to remind you of the true essence of your light and purpose in this lifetime, reconnecting you with your truth. They will aid you in shifting your vibrational energy aligning you with your soul path, helping you merge more with your higher selves, clearing the path to creating a higher timeline and showing how you hold all the keys within you.

Claudia is a clairvoyant, spiritual teacher and public speaker who teaches from the heart. She runs healing retreats, workshops and meditation groups online. She is a public speaker at psychic fairs. Claudia will take you on a journey back to your true self, reminding you of the beautiful light that lives within the centre of your being and the difference you can make to your own life.

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