Lighting Clarity

Love and Light to you.

My work as an energy channel is attuned to the beautiful healing frequencies of the arch angelic realm and I am humbled and honoured to share with you the vibrations, activations, tools and guidance the angels channel through me.

When you work with me this is an intimate journey of healing, with practical guidance and teachings to connect you and embody all that you are.

We will raise your vibration helping you access higher dimensions of guidance, energy, light and healing for the benefit of yourself and for others. I am guided in your session by your team of angels, guides and Ascended Masters and higher selves to bring you back into union with your heart and divine blueprint.

My readings are done without the use of cards as I hear your guides as a channel and the healings are brought through me as an energy channel.

You will receive deeper clarity and insights into life issues, receive psychic tools to shift and start the wheel of healing within you. We will do spiritual activations to start movement in areas which have become stagnant and bring in more healing energy to move you forward.

When you believe in yourself, your heart opens and your energy signature changes. Which then changes your path, placing new possibilities and opportunities along your road.

A Gift from Spirit’s heart to yours: A Powerful Crystal and Chakra Activation with Archangel Chamuel
Many blessings, Claudia

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